Rose on the Roof

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Sunday, July 26th – 3-6pm



Fountainhead is excited to hold the 2nd Annual Rose’ on the Roof. This year donations will support Bright Pink. Bright Pink’s mission is to save women lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering them to live proactively at a young age.

This is our second year for Rose’ on the Roof. Breast cancer has deeply affected our friends and family at Fountainhead, and we are proud  to support and fund raise, with a little fun in the sun. Rose’ on the Roof is a three hour wine tasting on our beautiful Rooftop Garden. We invite top industry professionals to pour tastes of the best wine of summer, rose’.

In addition to 12 wines to taste there will be a few beers and ciders to sample, as well as a raffle. Cost is $30.



One comment on “Rose on the Roof

  1. Sherry Zimmerman

    Hi – So glad you’re our neighbor (and a responsible one at that, with great food & wine). Question – Would you kindly forward this note to whomever might be able to make a contribution to our block party drawing? We’re in the 2000 block of W. Pensacola Ave. The party is August 30 and I can fax over the permit from Alderman Pawar. Please let me know the next step,
    Warm regards, Sherry Z


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