Compass Box Whisky Anniversary Celebration!

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Tuesday October 23rd

Fountainhead welcomes JOHN GLASER, Master Blender and Founder of the critically acclaimed COMPASS BOX WHISKIES, back to Chicago for the 12th Anniversary of Compass Box! Join us for a truly unique evening with several different ways to help us celebrate!

Option 1: Whisky Dinner & Flaming Heart Blending

For $45 you can enjoy a 4 course dinner + amuse prepared by Chef Sarah and drawing on John’s vast experience with whisky and food combinations. Your meal will be paired with cocktails, nips and pints (whisky and beer combos) and, of course, some drams featuring the dynamic range of flavors in the Compass Box portfolio! And just when you thought this couldn’t get any better, it does…John will be blending the outstanding FLAMING HEART whisky from it’s core components before dessert and we’re all going to taste it next to the bottled FLAMING HEART. Dinner runs from 7:00 – 9:00. Seats are very limited. Tickets available here.

Option 2: Cigar & Dram Pairing on the Roof

Fountainhead, Compass Box and Up Down Cigar are collaborating to present a Fall Cigar and Dram experience on the Roof Deck Garden! After the dinner, at 9:15, we’ll be heading upstairs to try cigars especially picked to pair with Compass Box whiskies; four different options will be available. Phil Ledbetter, from Up Down Cigar, and John will be hanging out to discuss the pairings in a laid back atmosphere. This pairing is separate from the dinner & tickets can be bought for $20 by clicking here. Just a reminder, the roof deck is heated, partially covered, and we have warm blankets for those who want them. In the event of severe weather, all money for this event will be refunded.

Option 3: For the entire night & open to anyone in the bar

We will be featuring flights of Compass Box whiskies and Compass Box cocktails throughout the evening. You will also have a chance to taste the renowned COMPASS BOX HEDONISM MAXIMUS as a half–dram. The whisky lovers we know will be thrilled by the opportunity to try a nip of this elusive whisky!  The entire event will also feature a music playlist specifically curated to feature our favorite artists from both London and Scotland.

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