Armagnac Master Course

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October 19th & 20th – 11am-2pm

Join Armagnac Ambassador Viktorija Todorovska to learn all about the oldest spirit in France.
Day 1: Learn all about the region of Armagnac, its climate and soils. Get familiar with the grapes used in the production of Armagnac, the distillation process and the aging of the spirits. Taste 10-12 spirits of different ages, from unaged white Armagnac to 25-year old Armagnac and single vintage Armagnacs.

Day 2: Continue learning about Armagnac, how it is served and what it pairs best with. Explore food and Armagnac pairings as well as the use of Armagnac in cocktails.

Day 2 will finish with a 60-minute multiple choice exam and a blind tasting of 2 spirits. Attendees who successfully pass the exam (with a grade of 70 or higher) will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Tickets: $125


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