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function: noun

1: a spring that is the source of a stream
2: principal source

Seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?  It seemed so to us when we were considering names for a new eating and drinking establishment focused on featuring craft and small batch beer, whisky in all its varieties, other artisanal and craft spirits and wines from around the world, and food that lent itself to multiple pairings.  We loved the imagery conjured by the literal reading of the word – taps flowing with golden lagers and amber ales, the beautiful head of foam on a perfectly poured pint from one of our hand pumped beer engines, and perhaps ambitiously, a prominent fountain featured upon the “head” of our establishment, the roof garden.  Then there was the dictionary definition of the word.  The spring, the source…the origin.    We dreamed of creating an establishment that would incite conversation and interaction; we hoped to be a source of community to a neighborhood that we felt deserved it. 

And of course there’s the Ayn Rand novel.  Although the word was filled with imagery we loved, we realized that it was the novel that popularized the word.  Would people think we were an Ayn Rand bar?  What would an Ayn Rand bar be anyway?  Objectivism materialized through food and drink??  After a few weak jokes about featuring a “grilled chick-ayn-rand-wich” on the menu, we figured that okay, we might raise a few eyebrows and some speculation about our intentions in naming the place, but that was okay with us.  It might even serve as the starting point, the source if you’ll forgive me, of some interesting conversation.  And while we did not choose the name as any sort of homage to Ms. Rand or her novel, there was at least one theme from her book that was consistent with our objectives: craftsmanship.  It’s in the drinks we serve, it’s in the food we make, and it’s in the décor we’ve chosen to surround us.  Unlike The Fountainhead’s Roark, however, the crafts we’ve chosen to champion are decidedly collaborative and require an audience and a community to appreciate them.  So pull up a chair, have yourself a pint or a dram, and please, feel free to discuss. 

We hope you like it here.