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Nestled in the heart of the Ravenswood, Lincoln Square and North Center neighborhoods, Fountainhead offers an “old world” yet innovative drinking and dining experience in the northwest Lakeview area.

Its high-quality, inventive menu is designed to complement a comprehensive yet distinctive selection of beers, wines, whiskys and spirits. Special emphasis on local and regional distilleries, craft beers and a fine selection of artisanal foods appeal to discriminating connoisseurs.

Our fully landscaped rooftop garden opened last summer to rave reviews.  We have now closed it for the winter, but we hope to reopen at the first signs of Spring.

Décor in the form of handcrafted mahogany woodwork and a seating alcove with a fireplace reflects a comfortable, old world theme. The unique, asymmetrical bar creates seating areas with individual ambiences. Fountainhead’s Barrel Room is perfect for a small private gathering but will be available for public use when not reserved.

The food menu is designed around the beverage list so that customers can count on a well-balanced dining experience no matter the combination of dish and drink. Those less familiar with Fountainhead’s broad beverage menu can rely on an educated, approachable staff to make recommendations. As a featured menu item, Fountainhead offers large shared plates with regionally themed hot and cold fare.

With co-owner/manager Aaron Zacharias of The Bar on Buena at the helm, Fountainhead is  the destination for the beverage aficionado on the prowl for their favorite or rare libation, as well as for the casual customer seeking a new yet uncomplicated hangout.